Political Stance

Setting the Record Straight is motivated by the knowledge that many of the oppressive institutions that presently make life hard or impossible for millions of people worldwide spring from violent colonization and/or the creation and maintenance of settler states.

As such, decolonization and unsettling are essential components of the dismantling of these harmful institutions. Historically, the burden of struggling for decolonization has been relegated almost entirely to the colonized themselves.Even the most “progressive” segments of the colonizer/settler population have generally failed (for a variety of reasons) to grasp the crucial importance of decolonization and unsettling in any movement towards true and lasting justice. We call on all settlers to recognize the central importance of decolonization in the struggle for justice, and to start participating in this decolonization process by recognizing and analyzing their own privilege(s). Once settlers have a better understanding and awareness of their own privileges they will be better prepared to help dismantle violently unjust social, political and economic systems. It is important to recognize that settler privilege is created by and creates colonization. You cannot destroy one without destroying the other.This must remain central to all liberatory movements.

Working in solidarity with indigenous struggles and indigenous communities, or adopting indigenism into one’s personal philosophy does not make one indigenous to this continent. The co-opting of indigenous identities by settlers is an act of cultural appropriation, which is a tool of genocide used to devalue and steal the culture of the colonized by the colonizers. As such, Setting The Record Straight condemns all appropriation of indigenous identities, and seeks to encourage all people to understand the difference between supporting indigenous struggles, advocating indigenism, and being a persyn indigenous to this continent.

We recognize that all settlers are inhabiting stolen land.


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